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The I.T. industry is growing by leaps and bounds today, increasing the scope and employ-ability in this field. Due to the increasing need of professionals in the industry, Aptech has introduced three wide-ranging career programs namely:

  1. Aptech Certified Computer Professional (ACCP)
  2. Aptech Certified Network Specialist (ACNS)
  3. Information Security & Ethical Hacking.
  • Each of these programs give you a complete understanding of various concepts in the I.T. field right from the fundamentals to advanced level.


The lead course offered is Aptech Certified Computer Professional (ACCP). It is a two-year comprehensive career program. We have introduced the latest I.T. technologies that give the students an edge and make them job ready.

The ACCP curriculum is structured with a blended learning methodology that trains students in cutting-edge technologies and offers 4 choices of Specialization – .NET with OST, Java with OST, Networking with OST and Oracle with OST.

ACCP equips the students with in-depth knowledge in the latest programming techniques in the most in-demand technology verticals like .NET, Java, Oracle, Open source Technologies, etc.

With ACCP, you will also learn Cloud Computing, Web and Android/Mobile Application Development and Testing, Enterprise Application development using OST, JAVA and .NET, Database Administration using Oracle, Windows System/Server Administration and so on.

The curriculum ensures that you get hands-on training experience through e-projects and are updated with the latest technology trends to stay ahead in your career.


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Rise in PCs & internet connectivity, growing of telecom, retail, banking, manufacturing & other industries is leading to a demand for people who can set up, maintain and service PCs & IT systems. Aptech offers Aptech Certified Network Specialist (ACNS) which is a two-year program that ensures you are well-versed with networking. This program leads to global certifications in networking, security and database management using SQL server.

The ACNS program helps you make a career as a Security Specialist, Database Administrator, Network Manager and so on. A Network Specialist has a highly responsible job, not only in managing a company’s vital information infrastructure, but also in keeping out security threats.


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The core focus of the Advanced Diploma in Software Engineering (ADSE) is on the JAVA platform and .NET technologies to make you a knowledge-efficient and industry-ready I.T. professional.

Aptech has alliances with several international universities, too, including the prestigious Middlesex University, U.K. Aptech students have a fantastic opportunity to transfer credits and pursue a B. Sc degree abroad with significant savings on cost of foreign education.

The Advanced Diploma in Software Engineering (ADSE) program comes with specialization in JAVA, ORACLE, .NET technologies and Networking that gives you the professional advantage.

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Information Security and Ethical Hacking (ISEH)

In the growing cyberspace, today, security is one the most important functions. Large MNCs, Banks, I.T. companies etc. need professionals who would keep their data and information safe against the attack of black-hat hackers. To satisfy the need of this emerging and crucial industry, Aptech offers the Information Security and Ethical Hacking (ISEH) Program. The three-year program trains you in information security awareness, cryptography, encryption algorithms, and different types of security models. It gives you an opportunity to be hired by top companies to protect and secure their data.


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