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ict training

ict training

Information Communication Technology Services for School in Nigeria

About ICT@School and its Highlight:

One of the feathers in STPL Education’s cap is our expertise in implementing turnkey ICT projects. These projects are massive in their size in that they can involve a few hundred schools or IT centers to be set up across different types of terrain in a defined geography.

STPL Education offers a comprehensive turn-key project implementation based on the needs of the customer. It provides the following expertise to ensure successful implementation.

  • Unique Curriculum creation on ICT for grades KG to Grade 12 exclusively for the state. Skills can include office productivity tools, multimedia applications, programming and Web literacy.
  • Courseware can be made available to students designed to make learning fun, interesting and encourage creativity.
  • Qualified ICT Faculty can be provided for each school to impart these skills to students. These faculty would be trained comprehensively and be provided tools to implement the curriculum.
  • School Teacher Training: All the school teachers can be trained on the curriculum as well, thus ensuring that they also become ICT savvy and use technology in teaching their subjects.
  • On ground Project Team can be stationed in the main location that will ensure implementation of the project as well as regular technical support and maintenance activities.
  • Assessment & Certification of all students: Online exams can also be introduced for ICT assessment. Based on their performance, Certificates can be issued to all qualifying students.
  • School ERP will help both the schools as well as the Education Ministry to monitor the school/students on all parameters of schooling.
  • Biometric Attendance: One of the most challenging tasks of a school – attendance, can be handled easily with the introduction of Biometric attendance systems.
  • Hardware & Software Supply: A state-of-the-art computer lab can be set up for each school using the latest technologies, including thin clients. Each lab can consist of a smart board, an overhead projector, 25-30 nodes and 1 server.
  • Technical & Maintenance Support: Technical and maintenance support can also be included for the period of the project.
  • Generator Supply/Maintenance Electrical power is a critical need for these labs to function. To ensure that, generators can also be installed and upkeep/maintenance given to the same agency. This is an optional element.
  • Security of all equipment is equally important. So security can also be provided by the same agency. This again, is an optional element.