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Welcome To India

India welcomes students from different parts of the world to a diverse community of students coming from different places making India a conglomerate of different cultures. With its global outlook, India has much to offer in the way of learning opportunities. India is an ideal place for you to pursue higher education and share experiences on a common platform. In an increasingly globalised world, Indian education provides opportunity to study various disciplines catering for most academic and career interests in a truly International environment.

Indian community is a unique mix of people from varying backgrounds, cultures and races, and this creates a wonderful opportunity to learn from one another. At Indian education, India highly values the diversity and continues to foster opportunities to expand the international understanding.

India offers a cultural environment and a good society, for increasing the awareness of the world around us. It is our hope that you take full advantage of these opportunities and become deeply involved in the Indian life.

The Indian education provides a nurturing and supportive environment to make your transition to India easy and enjoyable.

Good luck and we hope to welcome you to India in the near future!

About Bruhas - Ensuring quality education

Bruhas is a subsidiary of STPL Global, leading ICT Education and Consulting Company with presence across West Africa Head Quartered in
Nigeria, over the past 15 years with an experience of training more than 20,000
students. Bruhas established a liaison office in India to ensure prompt support to the students recruited from Africa, with student safety and satisfaction.

Bruhas provides quality counselling to African students to understand their aspirations, interact with the guardians to identify the best institutions where their children will be safe, and also acquire the best education in the

Bruhas is a platform that facilitates quality education to the world through guidance, outreach and knowledge sharing.

Study Abroad

The scope of studying abroad has It develops a new academic interest expanded over the years. Thanks to globalisation, students can now access the best of universities across the world.

Studying abroad definitely provides students a macro-understanding of the world and keeps them highly competitive. It improves their understanding of global culture, economics and their inter dependencies. Students gain a different view of international affairs, politics and social issues or perspective on their major while they are abroad.

A student at a university abroad allows the students to study subjects and curriculum that are not available at their home country. It gives the students more than a nice boost to their resume and improves their post-graduate employment prospects, particularly if they’re considering a career in business, international affairs or government services.