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Have you ever imagined the recent discussion about Artificial Intelligence or AI and what it is about?

Different thoughts starts flowing across your mind whenever you have to imagine what AI is all about, could it be ‘ Robots acting like human’ , doing things on its own ?. Thinking of the likes of Siri, Google that have gained popularity in recent times.

 Gradually, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is beginning to effect every parts of our lives, rendering the efforts of human being useless. The idea of Artificial Intelligence can be difficult to comprehend, most especially when thinking of how it can be applied to the educational sector of the economy. Will it aid the efforts of lecturers or make them useless?

Effect of Artificial Intelligence on Education

How effective can the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) be in the education sector? Here are some of the chances of AI in Education.

 Tutoring: The standard of education is really diminishing, This is because lecturers are not able to meet demands of students of different classes at the same time, students would have to look up to Google for a relevant online study experience, which can be easily downloaded and studied at their own ease. Also providing teachers with virtual teaching assistant. Learn with best tutoring methods at STPL Education’s training centres.

 Technology: The concept of Artificial Intelligence has been channeled into chatbot on most education websites, which enables students to ask problem questions and get solutions right away. Recently, Nigerian Banks have adopted this concept into their  system. UBA with Leo, Diamond Bank with Ada and so on.

 Grading: In recent times, the education system felt the need to start limiting the efforts of humans by introducing the concept of Computer Based Test, which grades exams/test for every students almost immediately, unlike the ancient method of having to wait for weeks/months before knowing the fate of exams.

 It is only normal for lecturers to have fear in them with the level at which AI is moving, limiting the chances of employment. But however, the concept of Artificial Intelligence cannot be largely overlooked as it provides a better studying experience for our students.





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