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Why Aptech?

Couses: Aptech Limited, established in 1986, operates the world’s largest IT training network with over 3200 high quality training centres and a presence across 52 countries. Aptech is proud to have trained over 4.5 million individuals till date and has been ranked as amongst the 300 best small companies in the world by Forbes Global.

Quality in every aspect is a big initiative at Aptech!

 Aptech was the first training organization in Asia to attain the coveted ISO 9001 Quality Certification for Education Support Services in 1993. The company has now upgraded to the ISO 9001:2000 standards. This has ensured consistent high quality standards in delivering world-class curriculum.

Aptech’s Training and Education business is conducted through a franchisee model that provides retail, multimedia and institutional training across the globe.  We have partnered with Sun, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Macromedia, Adobe, NetG and Novell amongst others for our research and development thus ensuring that our students are trained using the most contemporary technology.This has enabled Aptech to pursue its 3 pronged global leadership strategy in – Global IT Education, Online Learning and Education Consultancy Services.

Aptech courses are designed to impart knowledge in all areas of Information Technology. The Aptech portfolio consists of a comprehensive array of courses in both instructor led and technology delivered formats such as web based training. Aptech’s international presence allows it to offer world-class education programs, methodologies, technologies, and international qualifications. We enable people across the globe to use IT optimally & efficiently through world-class IT training solutions. Aptech students are at present working all over the world building Knowledge corporations, Communities and knowledge societies.

Aptech delivers anytime, anyplace learning opportunity to students across the world, through the Aptech Online Varsity portal,, on the Internet. The portal currently has over 100,000 registered users globally and hosts more than 1000 hours of diverse IT and Quality Management training.


In today’s fast changing world, Information
Technology has proven to be integral in basically all sectors of the world
economy. From banking to energy, consumables and clothing, the importance of
I.T. cannot be overstated. The influence of I.T. has steadily increased in our
day-to-day lives over the years and it is not poised to stop in the foreseeable

The proliferation of technology has given
rise to a billion dollar industry which consists of professionals in various
fields within the giant technology industry. Amongst these are software
engineers, web developers, system analysts, project managers, computer
programmers, system administrators, etc. STPL Education gives you the
opportunity to know what these professionals know and do what they do by offering
you various Aptech courses that are guaranteed to give you the necessary skills
to be the best in any area of the I.T industry in Nigeria and abroad.

STPL Education has seen the need to empower
young Nigerians to be I.T professionals and fill up I.T positions that are fast
opening in various sectors of the Nigerian economy. The Aptech courses STPL
Education offers are targeted at anyone passionate about Information and
Communications Technology/ Information Technology. Whether you are a young
school leaver with a WAEC/NECO degree or a university undergraduate/graduate, Aptech
courses are designed to give you a world-class education in various IT
programmes that will make you job ready in this lucrative but competitive

Aptech offers three robust courses to
prospective I.T. students. They are

Aptech Certified Computer Professional (ACCP)

Aptech Certified Network
Specialist (ACNS)

Information Security &
Ethical Hacking

These courses cover various topics that
added together, give a well-rounded I.T education. They range from beginner to
advanced level.

The Aptech Certified Computer Professional
programme offers those who undertake it insight into various IT programmes that
are ever important in the IT industry. Students who are certified have gone on
to be web designers, computer programmers, android programmers, database
administrators and much more in various companies and firms scattered across
the IT industry.

The Aptech Certified Network Specialist computer
programme is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge
that is needed for them to become world-class network specialists,
administrators, and analysts. Here, they learn everything from Digital
Electronics to PC Configuration and Shooting and from configuring a network
infrastructure to Database Management using SQL Server. This course is
well-rounded and thought by professionals in these various fields of network
management to make sure that the students at the end of their course are
top-notch and highly employable.

The Information Security & Ethical
Hacking programmes is an intense 3-year programme that equips students with the
required skills to protect systems against security treats and hackers anywhere
in the world.

You can never go wrong with an Aptech
certification and STPL Education gives you a platform to achieve your dreams of
being an I.T. professional with various courses to choose from.

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