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Contribution of STPL education in advancing professional education in Nigeria

Education is a crucial sector for any nation, it is a vital investment for human development and plays a critical role in long-term productivity & growth at all levels. This explains why the state of education in Nigeria continues to be our national discourse.

STPL has since long devoted itself to educate the people of Africa into information Technology, Information technology is at a developing stage in Africa, being from the business group which thrived in Africa for over a decade, we decided to give back to the Africans what we have learned.  Knowledge grows when shared.

STPL in partnership with Aptech Computer Education, has developed a name for high value computer education, to meet the growing needs of searching students in Nigeria. STPL Education offers a wide range of long-term and short-term IT courses meeting to the individual needs and requirements.

STPL has been imparting professional education in Nigeria since December 2000, enabling our students to acquire the competencies required in the IT industry.

STPL has an outstanding track record of bringing high quality ICT training to corporate bodies and has positioned itself as a preferred trainer of choice to major corporate bodies in Nigeria.

Over last 17 years, STPL Education has trained over 80,000 students in different courses. Many of our students are today well placed across industries such as Banking, Telecom, Oil & Gas, etc.

Today, IT has made lot of works much easier with the aid of Artificial Intelligence. Adoption of IT in developed/developing countries has altered global ranking position positively.

Consistency, continuity, and change remain important for any nation and it is up to the nation to determine the pace and direction. The demand for this present age and time is innovation and adoption of knowledge at the global level. To prepare an individual to cope with the present situation, critical and analytical thinking needs to be developed to deal with the uncertainties.

STPL Education is geared up to meet the changing demands in Information Technology and has constantly striven to keep in pace with the changes in the industry.

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