Employability skills and its benefits

employability for career growth

Grow your career in right direction, make yourself employable.

Year In, year out. Thousands of youths graduates from a different tertiary institution not knowing what the future holds for them, aspiring to work in different sectors within the economy of Nigeria. Employers in different sectors have their criteria for selecting the best candidate for any available role. Growing your chances to meet up such criteria is the key.

Professionals are in high demand and graduate programmes are very competitive due to the number of students graduating every three months. This has enabled employers to raise the standards of employment.

Certifications that confines ethics, practical knowledge is extremely rated by employers, searching for job-seekers who stands out and can do without going through the process of training. Most employers do not have the patience of tolerating new recruits to learn-on-the-job, they look for candidates that are result oriented.

Matching up with these standards is possessing the skills required to land these jobs. Being a graduate is not enough in the present state economic state but having the employability skills to stand out against fellow job applicants.

Employability skills vary, depending on whichever sector you are looking to put the skill to practice. It comes in two different phases, We have The General employability skills and The Professional Employability skills.

The General Employability skills are the kind of skills that need to be demonstrated in the day-to-day running of any organization, such skills are Communication skills, Leadership skills, Decision-making skills, Management skills, Problem-solving skills e.t.c

The Professional Employability skills are the kind of skills that are unique to a kind of job role in different sectors. These skills are the key to deliverable in this role. Examples of such skills in each sector go thus;

* Information Technology: Presently, the influence of IT on the world at large has really eased a lot of things. The dependence on IT has opened up a lot of job opportunities in this sector for experts to land different roles because they have the skills needed to secure such roles. Aptech in Nigeria (stpleducation.com) offers different courses to power your career with these skills.

* Accounting: This is an inevitable sector in every economy, knowing how well the finances are being run is a guide to know if the economy is making a profit or not. Most organization have introduced this idea into their system, giving room to vacancies in these roles. Having a bachelor’s degree as an accountant might not be enough for such roles when fellow job applicants have moved on to ICAN, ACCA e.t.c. Demonstrating these skills is what is required to stand out as a job-seeker for this role.

* Customer Service: This is the face of every organization, an important sector that cannot be overlooked. As simple as it looks, it can be very tough especially when dealing with irate customers. A certified customer service personnel knows how to keep his/her cool to ensure the customer does not walk away. A customer service expert must possess the following skill; Attention to details, Active listening, Verbal communication skill.

* Education: This sector is a very important sector in every economy, for anyone to possess any employability skill(s), he/she has to be educated. Being a lecturer in the present world economy means you must have attained certain skills to do so. You must have progressed your studying to Masters level for you to secure any lecturing role in any institution, some are even on the verge of completing PhDs.

Having the employability skills is the key to a fulfilling career. Don’t limit yourself the bachelor’s degree only, take that step and progress today with different certifications.

If you are clueless about where to develop your skills, information technology would never get tired of new professionals. Visit Aptech today, start with any of their courses and you would be glad you did.


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